Electrifying Fleet Management: Opportunities and Challenges

Location: USA

Product: Carga Optimization API

The Charging Point Operator

GO Station is a charging point operator and Electric Mobility Service Provider (EMSP) based in the United States. As a key player in the electric mobility sector, GO Station is dedicated to providing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Their services aim to support the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions by offering reliable charging points across the country.



The Partnership

Our collaboration with Go-Station is founded on our shared dedication to enhancing the overall customer experience. Through the implementation of our solution, Go-Station not only maintains a competitive edge but also delivers unmatched value to its customers. This partnership underscores our mutual commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and exceeding customer expectations. 

The CPO Challenge

  1. Providing added value to EV customers
  2. Gaining a competitive edge


The Solution: Charging Optimization API

We empower Go-Station with our unique and essential charging optimization API set them apart from competitors in the industry.

Our collaboration enables Go-Station customers to drive electric vehicles (EVs) intelligently in the USA, offering a comprehensive suite of features beyond conventional charging solutions.



Addressing the crucial needs of electric vehicle(EV) users, our solution offers comprehensive solutions to the following inquiries:

  “Where can I find a charging station along my route?”

  “What is the minimum battery percentage I need to charge – to complete all my tasks during the day?”

  “What is the actual range my electric vehicle can drive?”

  “How can I seamlessly align the charging time with my daily activities to make the most of my charging duration?”

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