Smart Mobility Solutions for Electric Vehicle (EV) fleets ​ 

Helping Companies to electrify their fleets and manage them



Eliminating Range Anxiety for customers


Manage & monitor with ease

Charging Point Operators & eMSP

Increase Utilization & Revenues

Telematics & FMS

EV Solution for your EV Customers

Zahlreiche Vorteile

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Vereinfachtes EV-Flottenmanagement

Optimize vehicles & drivers in real-time 

Optimierung der Flottenkosten

Save money on electricity & maintenance 

Zeitersparnis für den Fahrer

Choosing for the driver the best, most effective, and most efficient route to get to his destination

Driving without Range-Anxiety

Verringerung der Reichweitenangst durch KI-gesteuerte Datenentscheidungsalgorithmen.

The experience we had with Make My Day has been extremely enriching. Together we are creating a tailored made tool that has a huge potential to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our team.”

Holcim Head Operations Retail

Ignacio Capdevila
Head Operations Retail, Holcim LATAM

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The Ultimate EV Package for your Fleet

Routing und Aufladen
APP for drivers

Routing & Charging APP for the drivers, to get to their destinations in the best route


Keep connected to your Fleet with simple system 

Robustes Tool zur Elektrifizierung der Flotte

Providing you with the costs for the Electrification of the fleet, charging infrastructure plan, and environmental impact analysis

Obere Merkmale

Routing und Aufladung

Präzise Batterievorhersage auf Basis von KI und maschinellem Lernen


Integration data from
vehicles in the fleet

Optimierung der Preisgestaltung

Minimale Aufladung

Heat maps

Verbessertes Berichtswerkzeug

Kunden und Partner

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