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Our B2B solution for Electric Vehicles or Electrifying Fleet Solutions and our B2B2C solution co-exists: Connect to scheduler, calendar and todo list. Just say what you need to do, e.g. 'Charging Station', 'Post Office' etc' - Please Make My Day - and your new optimized route and plan is ready for the day. See our features sections to understand how it works. About Make My Day

API Integration

OEMs, T1 suppliers, Car Manufacturers - connect with Make My Day API and add this extra layer to your drivers, given them added value when using the car directly from your own proprietary app. Read more about our API

Smartphone APP

Unleash the power of your smartphone together with your car and use our driving assistant app inside your mobile phone, planning your trip in the most efficient way. Don't get stuck without a charging station in a long commute. Our Calendar Integration

Infotainment Install

Install Make My Day App directly in your car and give the driver the ability to enjoy all new features in the app - integrating directly with the navigation app. See how to manage charging with Make My Day

B2B Solutions for OEMs, Tier 1

Our features for an in car Driving Assistance connects the driver with the car while doing extra activities. Connects the driver to business providers and giving a full range solution for the daily needs of the driver.

Announcing a start working with Daimler / Mercedes - pilot as part as the Startup Autobahn - Read more about our clients integration.

Make My Day in car app screen shot
Make My Day in car app screen shot
Make My Day in car app screen shot

Make My Day in car app screen shot
Make My Day in car app screen shot
Make My Day in car app screen shot

We Offers A Wide Range Of Features

Listed here are some of our features in the Make My Day overall solution. Please refer to the Deck and One-Pager for more information.

Calendar Connection

Make My Day connects to your favorite scheduler, calendar and todo app - adding your meetings directly into the daily scheduled drives.

User Preferences

Based on user preferences and in-car connectivity build the optimal plan, drive and route. Weather to save money, time or distance. Might be battery saving or different plan order.

Boost performance

Make My Day save you time, money and frustration - connect the driver with the car even when they are not near the car. Hints them and giving them the best time to go and run errands, or to charge the electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicle

Integrating directly with the EV allowing to plan long distance drives, where and when will be it be better to stop to charge. Running errands in the city, pinging the driver when the car is ready after charge and pre-ordering charging locations. And more ...

Make My Day Features

Listing some of the most interesting features in Make My Day

  • Calendar, Scheduler, Todo List - connectivity
  • Push notifications and planner
  • Know when to start your errands - know when you finish
  • User preferences: Time, Money, Distance
  • API Integration
  • Car Connectivity - App / API / Smartphone
  • Electric Vehicle Route Planning
  • Long drive - where to charge
  • Drive plan, Daily plan, Weekly plan - where and when to run your errands
  • Pre-order charging stating, restaurants, slot in line to receive service
  • Parking timing
  • Time to receive service inside the business
  • In-app purchase directly from inside your car
  • The app learns you and offer you what you need to accomplish
  • Click here for full feature list of Make My Day

Super flexible and very easy to modify your app screen

Make My Day integrates directly with your car, your electric vehicle and your smartphone giving you maximum control of your daily plans and drive. For sample, alerting you when going out of zone without any charging stations exceeding your drive limit.

Make My Day becomes the driver and the car best friend.

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Ford Challenge Berlin Winner
Make My Day - Ford Challange Berlin Winner - Cnaan Aviv, Scott Lyons

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