The Problem

Transportation and fleets are one of the primary causes of the world's air pollution.


Switching fleets to green electric vehicles.

Our Vision

Help companies, fleets, and automotive leaders quickly and efficiently transition to all green electric vehicles using our technology.

Welcome to Make My Day, where innovation meets sustainability. As a premier solution provider, we specialize in streamlining the transition and operation of electric vehicle (EV) fleets, contributing significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions. 

Our Founders

Cnaan Aviv Profile

Cnaan Aviv

Co-Founder and CTO
Nisan Katz Profile

Nisan Katz

Co-Founder and CEO

Board and Advisors

Jesse Teichman Profile

Jesse Teichman

Board Observer | Chevron Technology Ventures
Ofir Gomeh Profile

Ofir Gomeh

Board Member | Capital Nature
Anar Tsour Profile

Anat Tsour

Board Member | Consensus Business Group
Kristof Vereenooghe Profile

Kristof Vereenooghe

Active Board Member and Mentor
Team Make My Day App

Dani Zeevi

Director of Strategy

Our Partners and Investors

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