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A complete fleet electrification service package for the driver & fleet manager

Connecting Factual Battery Consumption with Optimized Route Planning

Enjoy the combination of route planning (phone app) and highly accurate battery consumption prediction (car app) to ensure efficient travel, reducing the risk of running out of battery while on the road.
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Available as API or White Label

Optimize Your EV Fleet Management Software

Add valuable layers of route planning and charging to your favorite software to boost operation efficacy and boost peace of mind. Get real-time data, updates, and notifications on every EV battery in your fleet. Any time, anywhere.

Available as API or White Label

Robust Fleet Electrification Tool

All in one tool to calculate, and manage the smooth transition of your fleet from ICE to EV, including:

You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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Fleet Analyzer

Our powerful tool is specifically designed to analyze historical data of ICE fleets, empowering fleet managers and operators to evaluate and uncover the compelling benefits of electrifying their fleets.

Make My Day API for Optimizing

This powerful online API allows OEMs and other providers of applications to add the features of Make My Day to their solutions. With the ability to find available charging stations, plan charging trips, and create optimal routes and map navigation for drivers and users of public transportation, trains, and more. The Make My Day API is the ultimate tool for optimizing daily activities.


Available as API or White Label


How accurate is your battery prediction?

We provide accurate AI & ML Range prediction of 98% that is based on: 

How MMD app provides the best EV TCO results?

by saving time and cost:

How does your trip plan differ?

We enhance trip routing planning capability by supporting:

cost | time | distance | energy saver

socket | network provider | power charging level

home | private | public | office

time | distance | power | the current range of the battery