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Electrify your Fleet Today

Planning and executing the transition to EVs can be complex, involving considerations such as vehicle selection, charging infrastructure deployment, and financial analysis. That is why you have the MMD Fleet Electrification Planning Tool.

Introducing our Fleet Electrification Planning Tool – your comprehensive solution for calculating and managing the seamless transition of your fleet to electric vehicles (EVs) with ease.

Fleet Electrification Planning Tool

Designed to analyze historical data of ICE fleets, empowering fleet managers and operators to evaluate and uncover the compelling benefits of electrifying their fleets. Analyze your fleet's Performance & Operations in real-time, and get full planning report for your fleet Electrification process.

Charging Optimization

Available as an API or White Label

Our Charging Optimization Technology rely on two key pillars: 
1. Artificial Intellegance (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms
2. Route optimization algorithm - By leveraging these technologies, Make My Day assists fleets in optimizing their EV operations.

Our powerful API allows providers to add the
features of Make My Day to their solutions, With the ability to find available charging stations, plan
charging trips, and creating optimal routes

The Make My Day API is the ultimate tool for optimizing daily activities!

Optimize EV Fleet Management & Operations

Available as an API or White Label

MMD EV fleet management solution is a comprehensive software solution designed to optimize the management and operations of electric vehicle (EV) fleets.

It offers efficient fleet control and optimizes electric vehicle fleet operations.

Main features:



我們提供準確率為 98% 的 AI 和 ML 範圍預測,該預測基於: 





成本 | 时间 | 距离 | 节能

插座 | 网络提供商 | 充电功率级别

住家场所  | 私人场所 | 公共场所 | 办公场所

时间 | 距离 | 功率 | 当前电池的剩余续航里程