Optimieren Sie Ihre EV-Flotte with our Make My Day’s add-in in GEOTAB

                        Your solution for streamlining EV fleet management within the Geotab platform

Make My Day (MMD) Route Planner assists EV drivers in finding the most efficient and convenient routes, eliminating range anxiety by locating prime charging stops along the way.

The MMD application works with MyGeotab™ to gather valuable data for route optimization. Fleets can utilize the best combination of the two systems to ensure efficient travel, reducing the risk of running out of battery while on the road for an efficient use of fleet time, money, and resources.

Our tool empowers your team to create efficiently and plan routes, optimizing both energy consumption and travel time for the electric vehicles in your fleet.

Route Planner

Route Planner Make My Day

Features And Benefits

With seamless integration into Geotab, Make My Day allows you to effortlessly plan and dispatch routes to your drivers. Plus, we offer access to a vast network of over 150,000 commercial and independent charging stations across the United States and Canada and an additional 150,000 charging stations in the European Union.
This extensive charging infrastructure helps eliminate driver anxiety about finding charging stations, all while reducing costs and improving overall fleet efficiency.
Each Make My Day’s account includes comprehensive support and offers convenient online and mobile accessibility.