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How Vehicle Manufacturers Can Boost EV Sales and Adoption?

The automotive industry is going electric. Mass adoption is coming, with countries and states worldwide legislating to ensure that electric vehicles are the smartest choice for consumers. The day of the petrolhead may be coming to an end.

But the road to full electrification isn’t straightforward. Range anxiety is real, and people are scared to go on long trips with their electric vehicles, worrying that they’ll end up stuck on the side of the road. Despite insufficient charging stations worldwide, some solutions help consumers switch to EVs without anxiety. Here are a few ways car manufacturers can bring the electric car revolution. 

Why are EV sales not taking off yet?

Over the last decade, there’s been a dramatic increase in electric vehicle sales. Why? For one, consumers are more aware of the ecological consequences of oil. Even those not worrying about the environmental factors dread going to the gas stations as prices skyrocket with every new political instability.

It’s clear electric vehicles are the future. It’s all about the 3 Es:

  • Economical– EV drivers save an estimated $700 a year in fuel costs. Fossil fuels will only get more expensive, so there will be even bigger savings in the future. 
  • Environmental- EVs don’t produce harmful emissions contributing to pollution and climate change. EV owners drive with a clear conscience.
  • Efficient- conventional cars waste half the energy produced through heat. EVs are ultra-efficient at converting electricity directly into movement. EVs also recover energy when braking and use it to accelerate- which they can do faster than non-electric cars, by the way.


It’s clear that choosing an EV is a smart move, so why isn’t everyone doing it?


Battery state of health

In the same way that your phone battery’s health deteriorates and doesn’t hold as much electricity after a year or two, car batteries can be the same in the long run. As time goes on, battery health impacts the EV range between charges. While experts continue to improve battery life and capacity while maintaining a reasonable cost for consumers, car manufacturers may find the answer with smart mobility solutions that focus on a more accurate battery state of health.  

Make My Day developed a powerful AI engine that keeps tabs on the battery’s health, providing a more accurate and realistic understanding of battery capacity. Batteries, the heart of the electric vehicle, are no different. Effective battery prediction could eliminate miscalculations caused by generic assumptions of the battery capacity.

Battery prediction

The average EV battery currently lasts 200-300 miles. Sufficient for a daily commute with no traffic, but what about visiting relatives halfway across the country, or a fun road trip with friends? Most EV drivers will now opt for conventional vehicles instead of EVs for a long journeys. And who can blame them? Who needs the stress of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere, miles from the nearest charging point? 

We know that not all EV were created equal. Even the country of assembly impacts the general health of the car. Consumers want to make good memories in their dream car, they don’t want to stress about managing their long drives. For that, they need accurate battery prediction.

Battery prediction calculations should consider the battery health, route, driving time, style, and even telematics to inform,  must of all  the driver’s driving style, and reassure drivers that the EV can reach its destination in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. Basically, consumers and car manufacturers want 98% accurate battery prediction, and now, they can have that.

EV charging route planner

The average home charge EV takes 8-12 hours to charge fully. Compare this to the 5 minutes it takes to fill up a gas tank, and it’s easy to see why this is the number one issue in EV Sales and Adoption. 

A good EV charging trip planner considers stops and charging points so drivers can plan journeys without surprise calls to AAA. Advanced EV trip planners calculate these stops and charging times, so the driver always knows when they arrive at the destination. It makes the journey efficient and quick. 

But you can’t have that level of accuracy without connecting to the vehicle and accounting for battery health and accurate prediction. However, the technology that connects navigation maps to battery health status to optimize charging time and stops is available. Without it, it’s going to be a tough sell.

Take the Stress Out Of Going Electric with Make My Day

We are still in the early adoption phase for Electric Vehicles, mainly due to range anxiety and poor trip planning. Remove these worries by adding cutting-edge technology to your vehicle. It’s much easier to sell when you can address customer concerns. 

Make my Day is the only solution connecting accurate battery prediction with the driver’s navigation app to plan anxiety-free journeys, including charging stops and ongoing singular battery health-based optimization. All the driver has to do, is drive. Let Make My Day make your day, click here.

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