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Make My Day is simplifying Fleet's Operation and sales for enhanced efficiency

Inefficient Fleet's Operation

We provide you with the full EV Fleet package to control & monitor you fleet in any moment. Get real-time data, updates, and notifications on every EV battery in your fleet.

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Available as API or White Label

Optimize Fleet's Costs

Save money on electricity by optimizing EV charges based on the route, drivers, and fleet. Save driver’s time with optimized daily routes and charges every vehicle battery in the fleet based on the driver’s route and needs.

Make My Day Application Screenshots

Available as API or White Label

Vehicle Maintenance Management

Managing your Fleet’s maintenance with ease.

Charging Station Map Points

Available as API or White Label

Does the Electrification will affect my fleet's efficiency?

With Make My Day the answer is NO.
We are helping you to make the process on the best way possible, without harming your daily fleet’s Operation.

What will be the TCO?

We will show you how much will cost to shift your fleet to Electric Vehicles, with our Smart Fleet Calculator & Analyzer.

Additionally, we are able to create a TCO forecast as we predict what the total cost of your entire fleet will be in the entire process.

What is the right electric vehicle for my Fleet Electrification?

Choosing the right vehicles for your daily fleet’s assignments is not an easy mission.
We have the smart tool for you that can show you the best electric model based on your fleet’s needs.

Inefficient Operations

Providing you with a Fleet Management tool that helps you to operate your electric vehicle’s fleet more efficiently & effectively.

Elimination of your Driver's Range Anxiety

Driving an electric vehicle can be very stressful. We have the right tools to make sure your drivers will arrive at their destination on time.

Reducing your CO2 Carbon print

CO2 regulations have already started to be active all over the world. By electrifying your fleet, you can reduce your carbon footprint and follow the new rules in your country.