Smart Fleet Solutions 

For E-Mobility Service Providers (EMSP) & Charging Point Operators

EV Drivers & Fleet Solutions for CPOs & EMSPs

At Make My Day, we understand the critical role CPOs and EMSPs play in accelerating the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), for individule drives and for fleets.

We are here to partner with you and give you innovative API and EV Fleet Solutions to provide better Routing & Charging Optimization Algorithms for your Electric Vehicle customers.


Improve EV Driver Experience with Routing & Charging API

98% Accurate Battery Prediction

Electric vehicle drivers expect highly precise estimates of their remaining driving range and available battery capacity of their EV.

With our API, you can provide that.

Charging & Routing Optimization

We have Charging Optimization algorithms that are tailored to EV drivers, assisting them to maximize the battery’s potential and minimize charging time and energy waste.

Provide EV solutions for Fleets: Fleet Electrification tool & EV Fleet Management

More and more fleets are shifting to electric vehicles. You can be their one-stop shop for getting all the tools they need for the process. 
We have the best Fleet Electrification Planning tool and the EV Fleet Management system for EV fleets.


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我們提供準確率為 98% 的 AI 和 ML 範圍預測,該預測基於: 





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插座 | 网络提供商 | 充电功率级别

住家场所  | 私人场所 | 公共场所 | 办公场所

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