Smart Fleet Solutions 

For Original Equipment Manufacturers

The Best EV Charging Optimization API

EV drivers looking to purchase innovative electric vehicles from original equipment manufacturers.
We help OEMs gain a competitive edge by streamlining EV production and offering integrated EV charging solutions for a seamless user experience.


Range Anxiety Eleminator for EV Drivers

Our comprehensive solution combines smart charging optimization, real-time station information, and on-the-go support. Find the best charging options, plan efficient trips, and enjoy the freedom of electric driving without the fear of running out of power.

Accurate Range Prediction​

Drivers can estimate how far their EVs can travel on a single charge.

Unique API Algorithms

Available as an API or White Label

98% Battery prediction

Electric vehicles drivers expect highly precise estimates of their remaining driving range and available battery capacity of their EV.

Charging Optimization

Charging solutions tailored to EV drivers assisting them to maximize the battery’s potential and minimize charging time and energy waste.

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我們提供準確率為 98% 的 AI 和 ML 範圍預測,該預測基於: 





成本 | 时间 | 距离 | 节能

插座 | 网络提供商 | 充电功率级别

住家场所  | 私人场所 | 公共场所 | 办公场所

时间 | 距离 | 功率 | 当前电池的剩余续航里程