3 Common EV Telematics Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Charging Electric Vehicle

As your fleet adopts more environmentally friendly vehicles, you can expect different telematic requirements from what you’re used to. Thankfully, EVs are much smarter than traditional vehicles, helping you leverage data to get the most out of your fleet.  As a fleet manager, you must know your electric vehicles will get the job done without […]

Three Ways Commercial Fleet Managers can Optimize Their Electrification Process

Charging Electric Vehicle

These days, managing a commercial fleet grows more and more challenging. Gas prices are increasing exponentially, and global instability is becoming ever more present with each passing day. In the U.S., gas prices have risen 33.39% in the last 5 years. This, paired with regulatory change, fiscal pressures, and social and political unrest would only […]

Take EV to the Next Level.
How Vehicle Manufacturers Can Boost EV Sales and Adoption?

Truck Driver Checking Vehicle Tires

The automotive industry is going electric. Mass adoption is coming, with countries and states worldwide legislating to ensure that electric vehicles are the smartest choice for consumers. The day of the petrolhead may be coming to an end. But the road to full electrification isn’t straightforward. Range anxiety is real, and people are scared to […]