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Project Manager / Scrum Master #201

A client facing representative with technical orientation. Manage our clients, manage the project internally. Knows how to stand in deadlines and build a work plan for developers and for the product. Work with all division in Make My Day both Logistics wise and EV route planning.

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel

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Back-End / Full-stack Developer #101

Come develope the server side and some of the front side of Make My Day using modern PWA techonologises. Work closely with our alogorithm team and database connectivity. Building the next solution, API, application for EV drivers and Fleet Charging Optimization.

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel

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Android Developer #102

We are looking for an Android Application developer with extended knowledge also in Full-Stack. Will be responsible for developing many of our Application (Google Play) solution, both in Hybrid mode, full native and also PWA. Someone that is an all hand player and can also develop on server-side or client-side JavaScript if needed.

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel

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Digital Marketing Internship #301

At Make My Day we are looking for an intern in the Digital Marketing area. The intern will join the marketing team of Make My Day and will learn and help the team to promote, publish and post Make My Day solution in relevant digital media and social media channels.



Prior Knowledge Needed:

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel / Remote (due to COVID-19)

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