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Mar' 2019 - IMPACT Connected Cars (ICCAR)

Make My Day with IMPACT members

Make My Day is part of IMPACT Connected Cars (ICCAR) Winning the competition Make My Day was accepted to an Incubator by the Horizon2020 program called IMPACT for Connected Car (ICCAR) and eMobility and mobility service. Make My Day solution for advance transportation and logistics solution to be part of a global european startups to help craft the future of Electric Vehicles (EV) mapping and navigation solution for Connected cars.

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Nov' 2018 - Make My Day Plug and Play in Japan

logos of OEMS in Plug and Play Japan

Make My Day is part of Plug and Play Tokyo, Shibuya Collaborating with OEMs and Tier1 in Japan, Tokyo, Shibuya - Make My Day is proud to be part of the prestigious program of Plug and Play Japan. Meeting with Denzo, Nissan, Toyota, Suzuki, Mitsubishi and more OEMs to collaborate with Make My Day driving planning and charging planning solution allowing drivers to preorder and prebook charger for electric vehicle and even prebook restaurants while you drive and commute.

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Jul' 2018 - Make My Day with VW

Make My Day winning Volkswagen competition in EcoMotion

Make My Day is part of Volkswagen VW Dresden Future Mobility Incubator Israeli Startup enters the “Future Mobility Incubator” at the Gläserne Manufaktur in Dresden - to work for 6 months together with VW top innovator team in Dresden managing a Proof Of Concept (POC) for the Make My Day daily planner and daily navigation route solution in Germany and Europe

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MAke My Day in Glaserne

Make My Day in EcoMotion Event

VW Future Mobility Incubator

Dresden Incubator Intgernational Startups

News about Make My Day in Germany

Volkswagen Tweet about Make My Day

Konnect and Make My Day in Tel-Aviv

Dresden Startup Make My Day

Make My Day - Tel-Aviv Startup

Apr' 2018 - Optimizing your day app

Home and Smart German news paper in Germany explaining Make My Day Application and Algorithm and how it works running a Proof of Concept in Germany Cities such as Berlin, Stuttgart, Dresden, Frankfurt and more with Make My Day collaborating with German OEMs such as Daimler, VW and others to create a charging plan for Electric Mobility and EV drivers.

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Jan' 2018 - Four promising startups of eMobility

Make My Day solution screenshot Showing new four mobility startups in the automotive area and green sustainablity saving fuel, battery, time and money that will change the way we are driving. Make My Day is one of the startups revulotionary disrupt the automotive charging station and charging operators business for a better future.

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Oct' 2017 - Make My Day Startup of the week

Make My Day founders photo

TheInnovator have chosen Make My Day to be the startup of the week. Make My Day manage people calendar and agenda as per their drive and commmute creating an efficient route for drivers with multiple stops.

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