Make My Day Pricing and Revenue Stream

How mucha does Make My Day solution costs and revenue stream

Make My Day provide three different costs and revenue streams

License Based Deals

Pricing for Make My Day API or Make My Day APP intergration and SDK or the Full Make My Day solution application can be purchased in a license base deals pay per use or pay per car, can be pay per user too. This model works good for OEMs for back-end solution or for enterprises working with Make My Day solution for Logistics and Traveling sales person. Working in a while-labled offer.

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Revenue Sharing Model

This model allows OEMs and Tier1 integrator to benefit from Make My Day booking and ordering solution for Charging Stations, Restaurants and other service providers collaborated with Make My Day. Bringing customers to the business providers is a payble transaction making sharing the income and payments from the user as part of a new revenue stream for the provider.

When a user book a charging station in Berlin for example and pay for the charging, the CPO share a percentage of the transaction with Make My Day that share it back with the provider such as OEM or Tier1.

Big Data Analyzed

Make My Day can Analyze user behaviour creating a significant understanding of why and what for people are using their cars for. This data is extremly valuable both for OEMs and for Business Owners or Charging Station Operators as well as large consumer markets. Where is the best place to open a new store?, Where are people looking for a charging station ? - This information can be created with insight inside the LocationsDB and User Analytics and Driving Analytics by Make My Day.

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