Make My Day assists your representatives to increase sales

Our Solutions for outside sales, field technicians, and delivery personnel

Make My Day has created software and application solutions to provide optimized routing for traveling representatives, enabling them to reach important customers and clients on time.

Make My Day has built an extended multi-stop Route Planner solution for EVs to manage the route planning problem faced by those who are always on the go in their job. This solution provides detailed logistics, routing, and planning of daily, weekly, and monthly drives for outside sales, field technicians, and delivery personnel. Connects with the company’s enterprise SAP solution or CRM system to allow managers and administrators to monitor tasks and client visits.

Make My Day uses a unique algorithm and technology to provide AI solutions for Traveling representatives and Vehicle Transportation problems
The Solution – simply helps to increase sales. Use “Make My Day” to eliminate time wasted on repeat journeys, increase visits to valued clients by 80%, and produce more sales

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